Back in the booth!

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2017 has been a busy old year in the world of events, live work and voice work, but I’m planning to be ‘back in the booth’ more this year! With some exciting projects already scheduled in (a children’s audio book and some minecraft video VOs) I’m in full and vital voice and ready for what the gods of voice work have to throw at me! Bring it on!

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Accents in Voice Work – go native or fake it?

beverleybeerSeptember 8th, 2015NewsNo Comments

Well, that age old voice over dilemma came up a few days back, when a client asked: “Can you do a Mancunian accent?” Now, I know many VO’s who are happy to ‘do accents’ and I, indeed, will do such if it’s for a computer game, an audio book, or something fictional that has a suspended sense of reality to it (my website will attest to this But I learnt from personal experience as a fledgling VO, that if it’s for selling a product, or, a serious piece of information sharing or training (especially if the natives of the said region are the target audience) then I always advise the client to source a native accented speaker, wherever possible. I’ve even help clients source a VO with the correct accent. Now, this may seem a bit bonkers, as, In the short term, it loses me the job, but more importantly, it retains the integrity of the product (and the client) – which will hopefully be appreciated in the long term.

Let’s be honest, we can all ‘have a go’ at an accent (and there are a few Hollywood A-listers that could’ve benefitted from some honest accent-related feedback before taking on some roles), but to maintain a consistent accent, with all the foibles, burrs and subtleties that this requires, is an art and a science.

So my question is – how often do you hear a phoney accent and does it put you off the product in question, or is this just a bit of prudish professional purism?

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A vocal mine of information

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Well another exciting day of voice work whizzes by, but a benefit I never anticipated was learning about some diverse subjects whilst voicing them. I recently did a VO about cycling in Holland, another about mechanical meat reclamation (a little too much inside knowledge there I fear!) and, today, food hygiene. I thought I was fairly up to speed with the basics of food prep, but hey, I now feel I have a woeful lack of coloured chopping boards and coloured knives! I think my fee for this one will be spent in John Lewis kitchen section desperately trying to avoid the horrors of cross-contamination!

But more excitingly….I wonder what I’ll learn tomorrow…? I love my job!

Speak soon


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I’m a small pony….

beverleybeerJune 3rd, 2015NewsNo Comments

As the gag goes, I’m a little hoarse (heh heh!) today due to a TOP singing session at an amazing Kent studio yesterday (DannyLee’s studio in Rainham).

Amazing job, top client, fab studio – what more could a girl ask!

But never fear, I’ll be back in full voice and ready to drip my honeyed-tones on a project of your choice from tomorrow 😉


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Beverley Beer – Voice Over Artist

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Christmas S-l-o-w down

beverleybeerDecember 19th, 2014NewsNo Comments

Well another year starts winding to a close – and what a year! A whirl of voice work, events, writing and generally juggling life, the universe and everything (God rest your soul Mr Adams) but – argh – again no blogging from Beer corner! But I vow, as blog is my witness, regular updates will now appear sharing info on my work, interesting vignettes, anecdotes and stuff! Speak soon! And have a top Christmas! B xx

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Well, even the best studio in the world could not screen out last night’s storm-fest! But never fear, I completed a large record and edit…..although it took twice as long recording in the storm’s periods of ‘downtime’! Still, with all the mayhem it’s wrought, a little late working is the least of problems.

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The Pitch is Back

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Well, after being somewhat ‘under the radar’ having my second child, I’m back and already working with a vengeance! I’m certain no-one will have noticed any drop in service/turnaround of jobs for the last 10 months or so, although the eagle-eyed may have noticed some of the times I’ve sent em’s containing VO download links have been firmly in the early (and more ungodly) AM hours! But it’s a funny thing, no sooner does one decide it’s time to raise one’s head above the ‘working parapet’ once more, than em enquiries from new and old clients start to ping, very welcomely, into my inbox! So hurrah, it’s great to be ‘back’ and I look forward to working with you again soon. Bev x

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Back to school

beverleybeerMay 11th, 2011NewsNo Comments

I love my job!  And one of the aspects of my work that I really enjoy is when I get the chance to get out of the studio and perform to a live audience be it performing, compering or running vocal workshops.  I recently had the chance to work with the Royal Opera House at Thameside Junior School to launch the opening of their new library and help them celebrate World Book Day.  I delivered a series of poetry readings to children and families from well-loved authors.  It was great fun and Executive Head, Mark Jones was kind enough to say; ‘Thanks to Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships, the magic of Roald Dahl came to Thameside Junior School, as Beverley Beer brought to life some well-known favourites, including those by the well-known children’s author’.  And a jolly good time was had by all!

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Mr Golden Voice

beverleybeerFebruary 19th, 2011NewsNo Comments

Well, the world of VO’s is a competitive one, but no-one in the industry could fail to be moved by the story of Ted Williams, or, as he is now known “Golden Voice”. He was an ex-radio announcer who had fallen on hard times and, through one reason or another, found himself living in a homeless shanty at the side of the interstate in Ohio.  A reporter ‘re-discovered’ him, gave him $1 to video him and brought him to the world’s attention.  Good luck Golden Voice, everyone deserves a second chance!

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